Customer Support Management

Whatever your business, how you respond to customer questions and issues is of vital importance to their satisfaction - and that's key to maximising customer retention. 

We can help you better engage with your customers by:

  • Defining appropriate technical support strategy and service levels

  • Designing and implementing effective customer service processes and procedures

  • Identifying and implementing suitable customer support tools

  • Helping you create a framework for measuring customer satisfaction and support performance

  • Producing customer facing documentation about your service model, security standards and support ethos

  • Training staff in supporting roles

DevOps Management and Coaching

To retain customers, tech companies must provide a stable, secure, available and scalable service, and in order to achieve this you'll need both solid infrastructure and great DevOps staff

In today's employment marketplace finding people with talent, true DevOps experience and at a reasonable salary is a rare thing, so businesses often have to recruit developers or sysadmins and grow them into the DevOps role. This is a sensible approach, but be aware that development and operations are very different mindsets and most people will need expert help to make this transition.

To get both the platform and the DevOps skills your business needs, we can provide the following advisory services 

  • Team coaching

  • Infrastructure design and strategy

  • Cloud provider/third party vendor selection

  • Cloud migration project management

  • Backup and disaster recovery strategy

  • Security best practices

  • Tool and technology selection

  • Release management and change control process design

Information Security Management

Press reports about reputational damage to big companies from data breaches and hacks are extremely common these days, but Information Security isn't something that just large companies or fintech needs to be concerned with. 


Indeed it isn't just about protecting against viruses or stopping hackers accessing your systems. What if your website went down and you couldn't serve any customers? What if your CEO lost his laptop with all your investment data on it?


Information Security Management is about reducing risks to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all your information assets to an acceptable level. 

Whether you are in fintech, cloud software, ecommerce or a completely non-technical startup, your investors, customers and founders need to have comfort that your information assets are safe. Our Principal Specialist and Founder has 10 years' experience protecting confidential data for some of the world's largest retailers and is a Certified Information Security Manager. With that experience Runlevel 7 can help you find an effective way to manage your information risks. 

Software Development Management

With considerable experience in agile, kanban and waterfall working methods, Runlevel 7 can help your development operation find efficiency, quality and drive customer satisfaction.


We focus on improving:

  • Development and test processes

  • Release management and agile change control

  • Inter-departmental communication

  • Problem management and root cause analysis

We also help CTOs and product teams with:

  • Technology Strategy

  • Product management and roadmap development

  • Functional requirements gathering and business analysis

  • Third party outsourcing selection

  • Systems test

  • Agile coaching

Business Strategy

Through our business consultancy services we can help you boost the value of your company and increase your attractiveness to investors.

Our services include:

  • Mission and vision development

  • Business planning

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Goal definition

  • Growth planning and budgeting

  • Troubleshooting and transformation programmes

  • Technology and customer support strategy

  • Operational process improvement


As well as standard consultancy engagements we can also provide ongoing leadership coaching or sit on company advisory boards.

IT Projects and Implementations

The recent explosion in cloud systems has revolutionised the ease and speed with which companies can implement new IT systems. But without proper planning these tools may not scale, integrate, or even be right for your business, which can lead to lost productivity and higher costs when the systems need replacing.  

Using our experience of IT strategy development we can help you find a simple set of affordable tools that will increase productivty, connect with your customers and scale with your business.


We can even implement tools for you, including:

  • Email and chat

  • Office productivity

  • Knowledge-sharing  and centralised document storage

  • Telephony, conference calling and video conferencing

  • Finance and HR systems

  • CRM systems

  • Customer support tools

Got a technology problem to solve?

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