February 20, 2019

Every Tesla car produced since October 2016 already has all the hardware needed to drive itself. Now Elon Musk has claimed full self driving software should be available by the end of 2020 (albeit with a person still needed behind the wheel due to regulatory issues) 

Musk had previously referred to Hong Kong as a "beacon city" for Tesla, with the highest ownership per capita of anywhere in the world. It's a shame (depending on your viewpoint) that the Hong Kong Government capped the first registration tax waiver for electric vehicles in April 2017 as it pretty much killed sales for Tesla in the city overnight, however, from registration figures, I'd...

February 15, 2019

Apple has a pretty good reputation for security. IOS does not suffer from many of the architectural issues of its rivals, and high profile cases of law enforcement being unable to access the locked iPhones of felons (with Apple resisting legal challenges to build backdoors) has certainly helped their image. 

Perhaps this good standing is why in the case of the recent Facetime group-calling flaw the company wasn't listening to its users. Tech organisations should always have channels open for customers to report issues, with processes to escalate those affecting security to suitably qualified teams.  Apple has since apologized and...

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