June 26, 2016

Last week at the AWS Enterprise Summit I sat in on a demo of AWS Device Farm - Amazon's new platform that helps app developers run automated and manual tests on a variety of mobile devices without needing to spend on hardware. Even better, you don't even need to write any test scripts or use a test framework to get up and running with automation! 

Find out what your tech startup might gain from it in my latest article featured in Jumpstart Magazine: 

June 21, 2016

It's inevitable that any business from the smallest startup to the largest corporation is going to have customer issues, but once they occur it's you respond to them counts. 

Great customer service has the power to turn a dissatisfied customer back into a delighted one, but poor customer service can exacerbate the issue and cause people to speak to others negatively about your brand.

In my latest article for Jumpstart Magazine I talk about one such poor experience I had and list 7 tips that will help your startup avoid some common customer service pitfalls.

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