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With Runlevel 7 you get experienced, technical management support without the commitment of hiring in-house. As a personal outfit we don't have the same costs as large consulting firms so we can offer competitive pricing to suit your budget. 

Whether you're just starting out or you're a well established company we a comprehensive range of assistance that can help you grow the value of your business and achieve your mission. 

Who We Are
Steve Hodson, Founder and Principal Consultant

steve@runlevel7.asia | Phone: +852 5506 1979

In a career spanning 18 years, Steve has 11 years' leadership  in small to medium-sized businesses and startups. His specialisms include strategy, planning and operational process improvement in customer service, IT, development, DevOps and information security.


Particularly experienced in the technology sector, Steve has led teams of up to 30 people providing global cloud and hosted application services to customers in hospitality, transportation and some of the world's largest retailers. He also has extensive consultancy experience working with manufacturers on Advanced Planning and Scheduling systems and supply chain optimization software.


Following the acquisition of a UK software company by a major private equity company, Steve was actively involved in generating a new business plan, company vision and values, which resulted in the grant of significant new funding to develop additional product lines and rapid growth in Europe, the US and Australia.

In a recent consultancy engagement with a rising Hong Kong tech start-up, Steve provided advice and guidance to the executive team on business planning, strategy and direction, as well as delivering coaching to technical staff. He was able to introduce several initiatives to improve technical and operational efficiency in development, infrastructure and customer support, which resulted in increased software quality, better platform stability and improved customer and internal stakeholder satisfaction.

Over his career, Steve has managed a large number of successful business projects including cloud provider migrations, office moves, international office setups, systems' implementations and data centre upgrades. Having been a "techie" prior to his management career (as a systems' tester, support analyst, DBA and network and systems' administrator) Steve still loves to keep his technical understanding up to date so he can dive into the details where necessary.

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